Show your employees and members that you care about their safety.

Businesses don't realize that it costs them millions of dollars when employees are victims of crime, even during their personal time. They miss work due to the following reasons and sometimes they don't come back:

- Sick days
- Court visits
- Counseling
- Filing police reports
- Emergency room visits
-Making home or auto repairs

Choose Your Programs or Let's Create a Custom Program

1. Living Safely: Personal Safety, Home Security and Safety on the Road
2. Social Media Safety- Work Safely Online by Learning What to Say and What Not to Say
3. Community/Neighborhood Safety and Security Programs
4. College Student Safety Programs
5. Senior Citizen Safety and Security Programs
6. Home Health Worker Safety
7. Real Estate Agent Safety (more info)
8. Protecting Your Business, Employees and Property


If not, it should.
Partial client list, please request letters of recommendation:
Safety/Security Product EXPO: Learn What's on the Market to Keep You Safe and Make Products Available to Your Employees or Members On-Site! (No program required).