SAFETY AND SECURITY SOURCE was founded in 1995 in Kansas City, Missouri by Tracey Hawkins, aka "Tracey, the Safety Lady". The safety programs address personal safety, home security and auto safety on the road.  Custom programs can be created for different industries and groups.

One component and one of the highest-rated part of each program is the education of the consumer about what safety and security 
products are on the market. It is done in an educational format. However, effective products are conveniently available after the program for those who are interested. 

'Fear-tactics' are not used. Pro-active techniques and crime prevention tips are taught. People need to know what is on the market to keep them safe, how the products work and where they can be obtained. 

Work with a safety and security product specialist. 

- Police academy training in OC/pepper spray
- Knowledge to discuss other safety products and options 
- Compare what's on the market, how the products work and how they can solve safety and security concerns 
- Know who you are buying from and know that it is the best and most effective on the market 

Let Safety and Security Source be your resource for safety and security products!



* Real estate agent safety specialist
* Home healthcare worker safety specialist
*Personal safety, home security and auto safety expert
* Safety and security product expert
* Media safety and security expert

Ask about highly-rated programs for the elderly, college students, travelers, lone workers, volunteers, employees, etc

Safety and Security Source has accessible products!

Safety and Security Source offers safety and security products that are accessible to the blind and legally blind. 

Safety and Security Source provides On-Site and Custom Personal Safety Training Seminars for your business or organization. 

You train employees to help grow your business, show them you will invest in their safety, too!

Ask about fundraising sales for your company or group. We will set-up and sell products and donate a portion of the proceeds to your non-profit group! Offer safety and security products, earn money and provide lifesaving and quality products
 at the same time!

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Tracey Hawkins:
2012-2013- President of the Kansas City Symphony Alliance, a non-profit organization- 200+ member fundraising auxiliary of the Kansas City Symphony. Member since 1989. The Alliance's major project is the award-winning Symphony Designers' Showhouse, the country's longest-running, continuous fundraising showhouse project.

November 2012- Appointed to the Advisory Board for the Institute for Human Resources in Health and Safety. is the largest global social networking and resource site for HR professionals. 200,000+ members.

Public Relations Chairman-  Allied Workers for the Blind

Member- Missouri Council of the Blind 


Tracey Hawkins aka "Tracey, the Safety Lady"