"Tracey, the Safety Lady" Says....

Know what you are purchasing and make sure you purchase from a reputable source. I earned a certificate at the Police Academy for OC/Pepper Spray. I have been selling pepper spray and these other safety products since 1995.

I sell to real estate agents, neighborhood and crime watch groups, City neighborhood and crime prevention programs, high school and college students, home health workers, and those concerned with their personal safety and more! Ask for references.

Orders will be shipped within 48-hours. If it is out of stock, you will get an e-mail advising of the date it will be in stock.

Thank you for your trust and your business!

Check out my Personal Safety, Home Security,  Travel Safety products.
PortaPocket- Criminals can't pick your pocket if they can't see it! Keep valuables safely hidden under your clothing! Waistband, thigh or arm options!

36 " Waistband and 2 pockets $26.95

Key Ring Pepper Spray- Police-strength. 1/2 oz. canister in soft, leather-like case. Safety lever. Add colors in the comments' $13.95
Key Ring Pepper Spray- Police-strength. 1/2 oz. canister in plastic case, with belt-clip. Safety lever. Add colors in the comments. $13.95
Key Ring Alarm/Flashlight- Lightweight, loud alarm that gets attention. Bright, wide-angle flashlight. great for kids, young adults and travel. $13.95

Door Stop Alarm- Loud alarm wedges under door to prevent it from opening. Loud alarm sounds if unauthorized attempt is made to open door. Great for dorms, apartments, hotels, homes and more! $16.95
Magnetic Contact Window/Door Alarm- 2-part alarm, with adhesive. Easy to peel and stick! Can be used in apartments, too! Requires key to arm and disarm. Great for sneaky teenagers and those with Alzheimer's disease and autism! Alerts you when a door opens. $6.95


Perfect for wandering safety and sneaky teens!
Fire Extinguisher- Works on all types of fires. Small and easy to use.Fire Gone is a wonderful alternative to traditional fire extinguishers because the discharge time is much faster which helps reduce loss of life and property

Effective on: Class A - Wood Straw, Hay, Cotton, Tires, Fabric, Paper. Class B - Gasoline/Diesel, Fuels. Class C - Electrical Equipment Fires. Class K - Grease, Cooking Oils, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fats
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The Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight provides "big league protection" by combining the safety of a 200 lumen flashlight with the protection of a high grade aluminum bat... just in case!

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6,000 mAh Power Bank & Auto Jump Starter features a light weight, compact design. It can charge your cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices and jump start your car. Built-in circuit protection guards against over-current, over-voltage, overcharging and short circuits. The ultra-bright LED flashlight has 3 illumination modes: a flashlight for when you are in the dark, a strobe light to attract attention, and in case of an emergency, a SOS signal flash that will last up to 90 hours on a full charge. The built-in battery capacity indicator always lets you know how much power you have remaining.


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